We got this story in our inbox on Sunday about some misfortune at a set of trails in the suburbs of Philly and thought it was worth sharing—even though we don’t know who it’s from…

“its a very sad weekend for some local philly suburbs trail riders so for the past 6 and half months ive been building trails (dirt jumps) in these woods. so as of yesterday afternoon they are no more. werent plowed… yet. so here is my story from yesterday. so me and my friend dan went to home depot to pick up suplies for the trails. were going through the trail. and as soon as we got around the one turn. who do we see. of course a cop and im guessing a naighbor that called them. so my friend says “whats up dude”. had no idea it was a cop. came over to us and took our info down. cops was complety an asshole so we take our things and leave the trail and go to a friends house near by. me and dan are completly upset. so much work gone in just a few moments. but thats not the end of it. so me and dan are sitting at our friends house accross from the trails. we can see the naighbor that called walk from the back of his house to the front of it. looks over at us and points in our direction. about 5 mins later me and dan think that we should leave for a few mins and then came back after all is calm. so we ride to the end of the street where there is a turn and a dead end. where there is a school. so as we are rideing there the cop that was back at the trail follows us to the end of the dead end and sits there for a good 10 mins as we wait for him to leave. so he leaves. i remember i left my bag on my friends front lawn. so i dont see the cop anywhere so i start to ride back to get it. i get back to where the bag was. of course the cop had to be right there with anouther 2 more cops. or should i say detectives. in the mean time my friend joe shows up to the mess. he was actuly there when they opend my bag. it was actuly about 15 feet from where i put it in the first place. so i get to my bag. its complete empty, dumped out of all of its insides. i asked the cop if they went through the bag they say yes. the officers askes us our ages. me and the other 3 guys are all over 20 years old. the cop actuly laughs, with s ome dumb grin on his faces. asks if we were married, of course not. so they tell us that we are in alot of trouble. could be a felony for what we did. all 3 of the officers were complety rude and un far. didnt want to hear our side at all. i actuly had to ride my bike next to one detective to just try and talk to him about the whole thing. so with all that they are saying its $5000 worth of damage. i guess they were never a kid. that was a place of peace for me and a few other people. we have had so many kids back there teaching them how to ride. the whole summer was fine never a problem. the other neighbors enjoyed it. whats really messed up is that the cops say that we ruined their park. they never did anything back there at all we actully cleaned that place up. there were oil filters, tires, car parts fridges. we made paths for people to walk through and enjoy our fun with us. we cut down dead trees. we were there for 6 months and had no problems. the only one we had was that one naighbor didnt want us to mess up his grass anymore by riding through so we settled on walking our bikes and we went out and got grass sead to repair it. i just cant belive that this is happening. all that time and work we did is just now going to be gone. im hoping to able to go back and take pics of it before its all gone. not sure on what i should do now. neither do my other friends know what to do about it. part of our lives have been taking away in a heart beat. i guess all we can do is just wait and see what happens. sorry to post this i just leting off some steam. thought that this forum would understand what im going through. this isnt the last of it. not to make the story any more worse. my mom actully passed away on the actuly same day as all this happend, about 5 years ago to the day.”

“here are some pics of what we came across today.”

“as you can see in the last one ther is a box there flipped over. my friends went back there and took these pictures. said that the place was trashed trash thrown all over the place. after we just completly racked the whole thing and put it all in bags. we also had a table and 2 benches. we also made a home made bike rack. im not sure whats gonna come of all this but i hope to start building in a friends back yard. ill keep posted of the new trails.”