The holiday season can be a glorious time, especially if you get the chance to freshen up your bike with those new upgrades you’ve been eyeing lately. But even if your bike is already dialed, BMX brands are putting out all sorts of awesome products outside of the bike itself. Chances are you could probably use some of them, you just haven’t realized it yet. Or maybe you dabble with BMX but have a homie, brother, sister, or friend who rides everyday that you’ve been procrastinating getting a gift for. Here are five things outside the normal parts list to consider for purchase when it comes to getting that BMXer you know a gift for Christmas.



Everyone dreads the day when their wheel slips and they have to walk all the way home. BMX bikes need an assortment of random tools to be maintained. Lucky for us, brands have come up with the idea of having all those tools conveniently packaged into one device for easy transport and use. This will get guaranteed use if it’s in your bag for the day, if not by you than surely by someone else.  It makes perfect sense and is overall just way more convenient than bringing along five different tools. Even if you’re pedaling around for an evening cruise but don’t want to be weighed down, some of these multitools are so slim that you’ll barely feel them. I firmly believe that every rider could benefit from a BMX specific multi-tool, so slap it on the list or hook a brother up. Check all the multi-tools available…  

The Odyssey Travel Tool pretty much has you covered for nearly any situation (all situations if you run Odyssey’s chain).

Demolition’s Detonator Pump is compact and far less annoying than your average hand pump.



This might seem like an obvious one if you live in the city, but I’ve lost track of the number of times when everyone wants to eat somewhere at the end of the session but there’s no way to bring bikes in or keep an eye on them. Someone always saves the day by pulling the old cable or u-lock out of their bag… Be that guy. Plus, these days, there are a lot more portable (and clever) options for you to choose from. Check out the lock options on our online store…




Odyssey has this small lock disguised as a cassette player that’ll go over pretty much every teenager’s head. Fortunately it comes with different stickers depending on your age, hah.



The full-length format BMX video is becoming ever so scarce in the current climate of the endless social media scroll where more is more. When everything is digestible in the time you can eat a sandwich, it’s more enjoyable than ever to sit back on a couch and take in a full-length format BMX video project. 2017 has seen a lot of awesome full-lengths, from HEAVY videos like S&M’s “Hotdogs Who Can’t Read” & Etnies “Chapters”, to pieces of documentary storytelling like “Coming Down: The Story of Garrett Byrnes”, there are a number of fresh videos out there that you should support, pick up, and enjoy.

An obvious choice is the NORA Cup Video Of The Year, Etnies Chapters.



Buying a spot? Well, sorta. You can pick up a rail that’ll keep your average BMXer engaged for days on end. The staple these days is obviously the Subrosa Street Rail and it’s many add-ons, but S&M also makes their Slidepipe  that seems to be a favorite of the people who have ’em, buuut they’re currently working on a new version that won’t be available for a little while. So, with the market cornered, check out the Subrosa Street Rail options here..

The Subrosa Street Rail can be much, much more than a flat bar. Even if you have a SSR, check the extension options.




Now more than ever brands are coming out with awesome designs and quality threads/accessories. From pants and T-shirts to dad hats, socks, and button ups. Brands are keeping their riders dressed better than ever before, and you too can benefit from this while supporting and reppin’ your favorite riders and companies. Put some of these items on your list, or if you’re a parent just ask your kid what his favorite companies are and hit the shop up! 

S&M, Eclat, The Trip…there’s tons of options out there to keep you looking good and the dollars in BMX (instead of skateboarding, you know?)



They may or may not be psyched on this one, but a helmet is the gift that keeps on giving. And, it’s more accepted than ever to roll around with a dome protector. There’s a plethora of helmets out there, but I definitely prefer the fullcut from a style aspect. Check out the full lineup of helmets available. And you can pick up the S&M helmets now, too! 


The Protec fullcut is a solid choice…and that S&M version is coming soon!