The first wave of all new 2008 Intense BMX complete race bikes has arrived at the Intense BMX World Headquarters in Sunny So Cal.Available for ’08 are 5 models in 2 new colors. Intense BMX has added a limited edition Zebra paint scheme and a “Race Red colors to join the ever popular Black and Silver models. Now in stock in Zebra and Red are Mini XL, Expert XL, Junior Xl, Pro XL, and Pro Cruiser Models. In about 1 month, the rest of the all new 2008 line should be arriving and you may be surprised to see what we have planed for 2008. To check them out and see what’s all new at Intense BMX for 2008, check out the all new website at

For information on the 2008 complete line up of the Intense BMX Race and Jump Bikes, as well as the Intense Podium and Sabot Frame Sets please check out

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