Last week we gave you a sneak peak at Haro’s new Left Side Drive system.This seemed to stir up a lot of reader interest so one of the product managers at Haro stopped by with a few of the 2001 model Haro complete bikes. If you want to learn more about the new Left Side Drive system check the bottom link in the upper right hand corner.

In the Freestyle series things are started off right with the Mirra Pro. Can you say top of the line? Well, Haro proves that they can with this complete bike. Everything on the Mirra Pro is of the highest quality, right down to having the new Odyssey Modulevers as a stock component. The Mirra Pro is loaded with top of the line components for only $770, this includes the Left Hand Drive system and Haro’s new rims. You couldn’t piece a bike together with these components for under $1000. In the freestyle line Haro also has the Blammo ($600),the Mirra Flair ($420), and the Shredder ($340) available as complete bikes and they all come with the Left Side Drive system as well.

For all the dirt jumpers out there, the Ryan Nyquist Backtrail is available in four different models. The Nyquist Pro is a top of the line complete bike with every component that you would need at the trails. The suggested retail for the Backtrail Pro is $700. New for this year is a Backtrail 24″, this cruiser was built for the bigger guys who want to ride at the trails but aren’t comfortable on a 20″ frame. Suggested retail for it is $380. The cruiser has the same component selection as the Backtrail X3 which retails at $360. To wrap things up Haro has the Backtrail X2 coming in at $260.

To check out some of Haro’s new race bikes open the first link in the upper right hand corner.