There’s a ton of content on the web at this point in the game and bike checks make up a decent chunk of that content. It seems like everyone’s doing them these days and it’s hard to keep up. Being of the slightly older BMX crowd by today’s standards, I appreciate a good looking BMX bike. It seems like today, there are a shit load of bikes out there that are the standard issue indoor park bike, the standard issue street bike, etc. Half of them are colored like a high speed collision of Skittles and Mountain Dew, or are sunk deep deep deep into the black hole of flat black spray paint hell.  However, there are still a lot of great looking bikes out there and riders who put some time and effort into making sure that everything is on point or out of the ordinary aesthetically–here are some great looking bikes that I’ve had saved on my desktop for a while now. So the next time you’re trying to figure out whether to get that brown seat to match your chrome bars or red walls for your green frame, hit up this feature for some inspiration.

Hoang Tran’s Subrosa Villicus V2
I cruised down to San Diego one day to kick it with the Shadow team and shot some photos of Hoang Tran’s bike while he was hanging around during their stay. I’m a big fan of the way his bike looks–everything comes together into one compact, tough looking package. With a muted paint job loaded every which way with Subrosa, Odyssey, and GSport components, this is a sturdy, great looking vessel.

Mikey Luplow’s Signature Mutiny Prototype
Mikey loves a good looking bike so it’s no surprise that his signature stseed from Mutiny would be anything but. The raw prototype he just built up was featured on the Mutiny website recently and looks built for speed–big sprocket, brakes, and all. I’d give Mikey some shit about having less than a fist of seatpost, but that nice and tall standover height on his frame more than makes up for it.

Ben Hittle’s Kink Mudrunner Prototype
Ben’s always been one to have his own dialed style and his bikes are always to suit. Never trendy, Ben’s bike is setup just the way he likes, with a high, padded seat and brakes. This particular build is a Kink Mudrunner, which is a more trails oriented frame Kink is working on. I’m digging the blue frame color, chrome parts and red walls–this is a super dope looking machine.

Steven Hamilton’s Bike Check
Steven had a bike check from Animal out recently showing off the ride he’s running these days. Notabe highlights are the laid back pivotal seat post, a 39 tooth sprocket, and the long brake cable. The combination of the big sprocket, short top tube, and laid back post really give this a unique look, a timeless one that’s all Hamilton’s.

Native’s 2012 Interbike Build
Native has a very strong DIY, American-centric vibe to what they do and their 2012 Interbike build was very much in line with that. Featuring a Native components and an amazing leather seat, this was a super dope looking bike with much of it made right here in the States.

Butcher Bike Check
Claiming to never run a bike more than seven layers of spray paint and making his bikes look so bad that nobody wants to steal them, Joe “Butcher” Kowalski’s bike check from Animal is a far cry from the pristine bikes you see these days. Much like Animal teammate Ben Lewis, Butcher’s bikes always have character from miles on the streets.

Joe Rich’s ESPN Bike Check
Joe Rich is no stranger to having amazing looking bikes and although this one isn’t exactly recent, the timeless nature of T1 and the gorgeous top tube painting are worth showing off in an article highlighting bicycle aesthetics. That Cyclops stem ain’t bad looking either…

Tony Malouf’s BSD Beverage Bike Check
Tony Malouf’s signature BSD Beverage frame is just plain good looking on its own and Tony built up a great looking setup with it to go along perfectly. The red wall tires and chrome bars are a perfect touch to the package.

Aaron Ross’s Vapor Blue Sunday Funday
Aaron has made a name for himself partially due to his wild colored bikes and his Sunday Funday setup for 2012 was no less wild than in year’s past. I’m wondering if Aaron is ever going to flip the switch and go totally muted for a change? Where will the crazy creations go next?

Kevin Porter’s Fly Tierra
Kevin’s early 2012 Fly Tierra build was a nod to the bikes of his past with a black frame, fork and bar with nice touches of polished and tan/gum parts. Kevin’s bikes have always looked good and this one was no different.