Unreal teton gravity research dirt blizzard

The crew of “UnReal” recreated a powder day with snow. Photo: Harookz

You may have heard about Teton Gravity Research’s mountain biking film UnReal.

The film features epic shots of bikers riding with herds of wild horses and the longest continual shot in action sports history.

And, to celebrate UnReal’s newly-released Blu-Ray and DVD, Teton Gravity Research shared a new video, “An UnReal Dirt Blizzard,” featuring another innovative milestone of the film.

Aiming to recreate the legendary Whistler powder days that skiers have come to revere, the crew behind UnReal set out with a simple, but crazy task: create a dirt blizzard at the peak of Whistler, while keeping the whole thing a secret.

In order to accomplish the dreamlike sequence, the production crew bought up thousands of pounds of peat moss. The moss was then launched into the air with leaf blowers creating what looks like fresh blankets of brown powder.

“Walking up to the mountain and seeing the dirt coming down from the sky was unbelievable,” mountain biker Finn Iles told GrindTV. “I was like a kid on christmas that got everything he wished for. It felt like a 30 cm pow day but I had my bike which made it that much better for me.”

Unreal teton gravity research dirt blizzard

Using only leaf blowers and tons of peat moss, the crew for ‘UnReal’ made it snow. Photo: UnReal

Unreal teton gravity research dirt blizzard

Ian Morrizon compared the feeling of riding on dirt powder to that of a Christmas morning. Photo: Harookz

The problem, though, was that they started to deplete the entire British Columbian coastal supply of peat moss, and stores in Vancouver began to refuse to sell the moss to the crew. So, the team enlisted the help of friends to get more moss.

Ultimately, they were able to pull off the monumental feat.

“It really was a jaw dropper,” fellow biker Ian Morrison said. “I’d have to say I was more excited than a kid on a snow day. It was that wake up before the alarm sort of excited, kind of like a kid on Christmas.”

Head over to Teton Gravity Research to grab a copy of the film on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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