Trials rider Fabio Wibmer is no stranger to Danny MacAskill-like bike edits.

So his newest edit with Red Bull, “Fabiolous Escape 2” should come as no surprise. Albeit, it’s an incredibly intense edit which sees Wibmer shredding down the slopes of the Saalbach-Hinterglemm resort in the Austrian Alps.

The staged edit gives the 22-year-old Wibmer a big stage to show off his impeccable skills – especially considering he’s on snow. He starts off by jumping out of a helicopter, which he said was the most difficult stunt of the whole video.

“The hardest part was the jump from the helicopter,” Wibmer told Red Bull. “I had to jump down 7-8 meters [23-26 feet] for a clear landing. That’s damn high and I really had to overcome myself because I’ve never done anything like that.”

He also gets “chased” by police, does risky flips, jumps over skiers, rides a makeshift zipline and attaches himself to a paraglider to eventually float away. The nearly 10 minutes is certainly some of the most intense bike riding we’ve seen lately.

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