The Trans-Provence bills itself as the “definitive all-mountain mountain bike race.” Set in the mountains of the south of France, and finishing in Monte Carlo, the race features its fair share of hair-raising singletrack. Bike magazine correspondent Seb Kemp just finished the race and reported back about what he experienced. “I’ve never really been grabbed by the racing bug. It’s not that I don’t understand or respect that some people choose to chase time, points, podiums, results, titles, and triumphs, it’s just that it has never motivated me. However, I have always liked entering races that could be described as events. The reason for this is that events are usually more than just about the fastest, the bravest, or doing your best. They are about the moments beyond competition. Events are eventful. And no other race, or event, that I have ever entered has been as eventful as the 2012 Trans-Provence proved to be.” To find out why, click here.

Photo courtesy Bike magazine, Irmo Keizer