Earlier this year, a woman on a white horse rode on a grassy stretch alongside the peloton in the sixth stage of the Tour de France, keeping up with the cyclists for 10 seconds of fame.

Coincidentally, it was the sixth stage of the Tour de Poland on Thursday in which a rider-less pony took it a step further and actually joined the peloton.

The unwelcome invader began galloping alongside the cyclists with a little more than 62 miles to the finish in Zakopane, according to Cycling Weekly.

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All is going well until the horse approaches a left-hand bend where it struggles for rear-end grip, just managing to keep things horse-shoe side down while accelerating out of the corner.

With legs only about a foot and a half long, the poor little pony struggles to keep up with back of the bunch, with riders steadily coming around it until it is trailed off the back, and hopefully tracked down by its owner and taken back to its field.

The spooked pony ran alongside cyclists in the sixth stage of the Tour de Poland.

Despite its uneasy footing, the pony kept up with the riders for a bit until Gaxprom-RusVelo rider Roman Maikin eased beside the pony and directed it toward a side street, according to Road.cc.

Incidentally, the winner of the sixth stage was Jack Haig of Orica-Scott.

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