Officials with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation are warning mountain bikers in the state to be cautious after several bike trails were found booby-trapped with strung snare wire traps at three separate state parks in the southeastern part of the state.

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On Monday, visitors to state parks were greeted with an ominous warning sign to beware of cable wire strung discretely across hiking and bike trails after state officials received multiple reports of wire boobytraps.

According to the Massachusetts Environmental Police, the cable snare wires were “maliciously hung” across the trails in an attempt to seriously injure mountain bike riders.

“I think it’s awful. People are sick,” one local mountain biker told Western Mass News. “We’re not just cruising the trails at 32 miles an hour … if I were to come across a cable wire, it can really hurt me, the bike. As a cyclist, you’re taking a risk that there are natural obstacles, but you’re prepared for those. You’re not prepared for a man-made trap.”

snare wire traps on bike trails

Warnings are in place for bikers to beware at the Gilbert Hill State Forest in Foxborough, MA. Photo: Courtesy of Don Rogers/Flickr

Park officials say wire traps were found across the bike trails in Franklin State Forest, Wrentham State Forest and Freetown State Forest, and that they have posted warnings at Gilbert Hills State Forest in the town of Foxborough due to its proximity to the other parks.

This is just the latest instance of nefarious behavior that has resulted in bike trails being sabotaged. Since the turn of 2016, Canadian trails have been beset by huge rocks and wooden spikes, nail traps have been found buried in Colorado trails and a bike trail in Britain was found to have a barbed wire boobytrap.

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