The untimely passing of Gabe Brooks has shook the BMX world.

remembering gabe brooks

Gabe Brooks. Photo: Jeff Zielinksi/RIDE BMX

From the sheer amount of outpour from all corners of BMX, from his close friends to people who only met him once (like Taj), or people that simply just enjoyed his riding and overpowering personality, you could tell that Gabe left a notable impression in our community.

Long time friend of Gabe, Zach Krejmas, is working on a video that'll attempt to pay Gabe his due respect, but until then I figured it'd be good to run through a couple of sections from Gabe that run the gamut of his time in the spotlight. The first one above is his The Banks edit, which to me, was the first time Gabe's name really stuck out. Made by his friend Andrew Jackson in 2010, it was a sign of things to come.

The opening of this 2012 OSS edit is pretty unreal, while the banger of the Quintin edit doesn't make any sense at all. And, as Gabe was gaining popularity, his focus and drive to get better at riding was actually noticeable every time I bumped into him. Where once he was just sorta getting through lines, he began having total control and doing whatever he wanted...

This Kink edit was around during the time I hung out with Gabe the most, and when I got to experience the energy he brought to any session. Boisterous, loud, and f*%king hilarious, Gabe brought laughs, encouragement, and clips to every session we went on. He'd make clips out of non-spots --stuff that no one else would -- just because he wanted to get sh*t done.

What I believe to be his last video part, this one from the Stranger DVD, No Hype, is also his longest and best. Gabe took a bit of a hiatus from riding on a professional level, but was still in the scene and riding up until, well, yesterday... RIP Gabe.

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