It’s always a treat when Danny MacAskill drops his newest edit online unannounced — it’s sort of like Christmas morning for trial bike enthusiasts. These edits tend to be massive productions and large endeavors that exhibit MacAskill’s skills as well as his ability to plan and produce.

But what about those moments when MacAskill is just traveling around on a bike? The raw, unedited moments when he’s at his most natural. A new video from Red Bull released over the weekend shows just that of MacAskill in Düsseldorf, Germany.

MacAskill cruises around Düsseldorf, taking advantage of some unique architecture and features throughout the city. Seeing his talent in action in an unfiltered way like this is even more amazing than the hyper-edited videos we tend to get from MacAskill.

We’d enjoy seeing more like this from the incredible trials bike rider.

Danny MacAskill in action in Düsseldorf.

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