Graham Agassiz Darklight mountain biking

Graham Agassiz in Big Water, Utah. Photo: Philips/Sweetgrass

For most people, the thought of flying down a trail on a mountain bike in the dead of the night sounds slightly terrifying. But for the people at Sweetgrass Productions, that idea sounded like an opportunity, and became the basis of their new film Darklight.

The trailer for the feature film was just released and the results are incredible:

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Darklight was shot in the midnight hours over three weeks of filming in Utah and Oregon. It follows the British Columbian mountain biking trio of Matty Miles, Graham Agassiz, and Matt Hunter. They bomb down some of Southern Utah and the Pacific Northwest’s best mountain biking trails—illuminated by thousands of pounds of cutting edge light equipment.

Matt Hunter Darklight Mountain Biking

Matt Hunter flying through an electric night sky in Black Rock, Oregon. Photo: Philips/Sweetgrass

Presented as part of a partnership between Sweetgrass and Philips TV, the massive Darklight crew spent 27 hours hanging, rigging, and soldering the lighting in order for every shot to come to fruition.

Darklight will be released on October 10.

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