On Tuesday, Scottish biking sensation Danny MacAskill took to Facebook to post a video of himself ripping up the Beinn na Caillich horseshoe hill in his homeland.

But unlike previous videos of MacAskill tearing up the Scottish countryside or Spanish rooftops on a mountain bike, MacAskill’s latest video featured him riding a trials motorcycle, and it has caused a bit of a stir among viewers:

In the Facebook post, MacAskill references that he had spent 16 years wondering whether he could take his trials bike up the route before deciding to tackle it with his cousin Donnie, but looking at the comments on the video, it seems that viewers didn’t appreciate the decade-plus of planning behind his efforts.

“Can you imagine what the mountains would be like if everybody who liked this escapade took their motorbikes up into the beautiful mountains of Scotland, frightening the wildlife and crushing rare and beautiful orchids under their wheels?” the top comment on the video reads. “Looks awesome I agree but totally irresponsible nonetheless.”

“It’s good to see people enjoying the outdoors but such a shame to destroy the peace of such a beautiful place,” another read. “If everyone did this just think what the hills would be like. I’m sure just thoughtless rather than ill-intentioned.”

And it wasn’t just Facebook viewers who cried foul on the video: According to the Scotsman, MacAskill’s video has drawn the ire of mountaineering and conservation figures within the country.

“We question his judgement about riding a motorcycle on the mountains,” David Gibson, chief executive officer of Mountaineering Scotland, told the Scotsman. “It's irresponsible, it's against the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and it results in erosion and degradation of the mountain environment. We would not recommend that anyone follows this example. Stick to your bike Danny.”