Mountain biker/trials biker Danny MacAskill can turn anything into a thrilling bike course, and his newest edit, “Wee Day Out,” proves that even a ride through the sleepy Scottish countryside is jaw-dropping when MacAskill is pedaling:

In the above video, the 30-year-old biking sensation offers a behind-the-scenes look at the imagination and balance that goes into creating each of his viral video edits.

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Unlike past edits where MacAskill found himself frequently riding in perilous conditions, he told The Independent that he wanted “Wee Day Out” — which was released by Red Bull on Monday — to feel light and carefree.

Danny MacAskill wee day out

MacAskill said his goal for his newest video was to make the routine seem grand. Photo: Courtesy of Fred Murray/Red bull Content Pool

"I just wanted to make people think about being a little bit more creative," MacAskill told The Independent.

“It's meant to be a feeling of a Sunday bike ride and enjoying the great outdoors, and I basically just tried to think of what challenges people face on their day-to-day ride — crossing gates, negotiate puddles,” MacAskill continued. “So I just took that to a more extreme level.”

MacAskill had no issue taking the everyday to the extreme, balancing his mountain bike on rolling hay bales and launching off of pedestrian overpasses onto picnic benches with ease.

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