With more and more snow resorts realizing they can attract crowds year-round by offering mountain biking, a need has been created for patrols in the warmer months. Those same ski runs in the summer turn into mountain bike runs that present nearly all the same dangers.

On Monday, the International Mountain Biking Association announced a partnership with the National Ski Patrol “to promote mountain bike patrols and patrollers.”

This will take IMBA’s already-in-place National Mountain Bike Patrol and partner it with the NSP to help outfit snow resorts with teams of mountain bike patrol during the summer months.

“We are very excited to be partnering with IMBA,” NSP Executive Director Meegan Moszynski said in a press release.

“In 2017, the NSP accepted the first official bike patrol into the organization. The NSP recognizes that bike patrolling is our focus on serving our ski area partners, and IMBA’s experience with the National Mountain Bike Patrol and bike patrolling will prove invaluable as we work to further incorporate this important group of patrollers into the NSP.”

The National Mountain Bike Patrol was officially established in 1994 and now includes more than 50 volunteer bike patrol groups and 600-plus trained patrollers. The NSP has been around for some 80 years, so they can clearly provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to the NMBP (and vice-versa).

The framework of this relationship will be established in the coming months, and it is one that makes a lot of sense for both parties, as well as mountain resorts themselves.

A group of the National Mountain Bike Patrol. Photo: Courtesy of International Mountain Bike Association

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