Moments Mills Peak CA

Photo: Cam McLeod

After two days of riding amazing singletrack in Downieville, just north of Truckee, California, over Memorial Day weekend, our group decided to move camp and head to Mills Peak so that we could enjoy a new area and take in the scenery from a birds eye perspective. Once at the summit, a wonderful 360-degree view emerges, showcasing the lush green Mohawk Valley to the east and the Sierra Butts to the South. When we arrived at camp late that Sunday, a low pressure system was moving in, exposing us to high winds as they crested the ridge, forcing us to prep dinner out of the back of the truck on the leeward side. In this photo, Colin Treanor sips his brew and takes in the scenery while my wife, Kelly McLeod, puts the finishing touches on our feast and I find an angle through the glass of Colin's truck to capture the moment.—Cam McLeod