Meet the Nomadic BMX Rider Who Lives Out of His Car and a Tent

Robert Barranco has ridden over 100 parks around the world.

Robert Barranco is not your typical BMX rider. Besides being extremely talented on a bike, Barranco also doesn’t conform to the norms of standard societal living. Essentially living out of his car and a tent, Barranco has ridden over 100 BMX parks around the world and his sole focus is on traveling to different parks and riding.

Essentially homeless, Barranco limits himself to a budget of $10 a day and often sleeps in his car, friends’ homes and a tent. It all began in his freshman year of college, when he and his friends took a road trip to a BMX event. Since then, he’s been living the life of a nomad and riding as much as he can.

And Barranco certainly has a positive outlook on the world. Knowing that we’re only gifted each day we wake up, he makes the most of it by doing what he wants to and simply having fun.

“Most people go places with the mentality of ‘these are the dates we have,'” Barranco says. “This is how much we have to pay, we have to stay at this hotel, we have to eat here, here and here. I feel like I get more out of a culture by pedaling around the streets and meeting up with locals. You don’t get that staying at a place catering to tourists.”

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