If setting the world record for mountain biking downhill speed was a goal of yours, you may need to re-evalute.

Speed junkie and general manager of the World Cup-running MS-Racing Mondraker MTB Team Markus “Max” Stöckl has broken his own speed world record for fastest downhill MTB speed, at 167 kilometers per hour, according to Red Bull.

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Max Stöckl, shattering the current world record for MTB downhill speed. Photo: Red Bull

In the heart-pounding video, released Feb. 9, the 42-year-old can be seen gaining tremendous speed as he races down the hills of Chile‘s Atacama Desert.

According to Red Bull’s post, Stöckl broke the previous world record, which he set in 2011 riding down the volcanic cone of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua at 164.95kph.