At least one wild kangaroo lives at the mountain bike park in Esperance in Western Australia, so mountain biker Jake Meadley is always expecting some sort of encounter with at least one kangaroo.

Meadley, 45, has been mountain biking since age 8 and can be found at the bike park most afternoons so he's had plenty of encounters, several of which he has captured on his GoPro camera. His recent footage was compiled into a video and posted by Caters News on YouTube:

Most kangaroos quickly get out of the way when they see Meadley coming, but one tried outrunning him instead. It's the second animal seen in the video.

"On a particular day a mate and I had only been on the track two minutes when we came across this little guy," he told Caters News. "We had a mini race – best encounter I've ever had with a roo!"

But the kangaroos aren't always quick to get out of the way.

"There are a number of other occasions where I have almost run over a kangaroo," he told Caters. "But the kangaroos are quite fine and just hop away."

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