Remember in 2013 how Google Glass promised to bring you access to all your mobile devices right in front of your pupils? While Google may have failed in making the Glass as ubiquitous as it wanted, Garmin is hoping to popularize the same type of technology for cyclists with its new Varia Vision device.

Weighing slightly less than 30 grams, the Varia Vision easily and unnoticeably clips onto either side of a cyclists sunglasses and provides them with a number of high tech features on the Vision’s tiny heads-up display, meaning cyclists will never have to look away from the road during their ride.

Garmin Varia Vision headset

With its minimalistic design, the Vision won’t distract riders from the task at hand, but rather provide assistance. Photo: Courtesy of Garmin

And, by connecting with Garmin’s Edge bicycle computer, the amount of features offered by the Vision truly are spectacular.

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Through its display, the Vision easily provides cyclists with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, as well as workout and performance metrics.

Moreover, when paired with your smartphone, it even offers messages and notifications, so you can easily tell if that phone call your currently getting is really worth interrupting your bike ride for. Those features can easily be scrolled through a touch-sensitive strip on the side of the Vision which works even if your fingers are wet or gloved.

Garmin Varia Vision headset

No matter the weather, the simple touch-sensitive strip on the side of the View allows riders to scroll through its functions. Photo: Courtesy of Garmin

Plus, it can also pair Garmin’s Varia Rearview Radar to alert you when cars are coming up behind you, keeping you safe from any unwanted (and potentially fatal) interactions with motorists. With an eight-hour rechargeable battery, the Vision will outlast even your longest bike ride.

The one thing about the Vision that might give cyclists a moment’s pause, however, is its price: It will retail for $400 when it goes on sale in the Spring. To pair that with the Rearview Radar and Edge computer, the total price will run high tech riders almost $1,000.

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