Follow mountain biker Mike Hopkins on his fever dream

This dreamy mountain bike video is a love letter to pedaling.

As reported by BIKE, the fine folks over at Diamondback Bicycles recently came up with a novel idea: Give pro mountain biker, Mike Hopkins a filming crew and tell him to dream big. The results (as shown in a new video from the company) are spectacular.

In the short clip, titled “Dream Ride,” Mike Hopkins takes on a plethora of landscapes from the red deserts of Utah to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest. Accompanied by spaced-out narration, the whole video feels less like a mountain bike clip and more like a lucid dream sequence.

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Diamondback mountain biker dream ride

Hopkins checks out every landscape a mountain biker could dream for in the latest video from Diamondback.

Centered around a narrator’s love note to his mountain bike, the video is enough to inspire you to stop whatever you’re doing, hop on your own bike and pedal somewhere far, far away.

“Through the mist, just me and my friend. With the promise of joy and freedom around each bend,” the narrator intones about his bike. “The never-ending quest to quiet my mind. One crank, one push, one breath at a time.”

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