Drew Bezanson  Toyota

BMXer Drew Bezanson takes pals on a whirl-wind trip.

On the daily grind, BMX is surely one of the more demanding things you can do.

It’s athletic, daunting and, when you’re on Drew Bezanson’s level, it's outright dangerous.

Bezanson’s riding is the furthest thing from a piece of wood on a cinder block as you can get. Where Mat Hoffman progressed aerials in BMX, Drew Bezanson has done the same for descents.
His latest video from Red Bull, aptly named “Uncontainable,” features Bezanson sending unthinkable tricks off 40-foot drops and doing a wall ride with nothing short of life-ending consequence.

So what's this dude do in between his heavy schedule of contests, events and projects?

He escapes. And, he brings his two long-time friends along for the adventure …

Drew Bezanson  Toyota

The pool in Victorville, California, had an uncomfortable amount of toys strewn about the property. Drew Bezanson gives friend Will Fisher's Little Pony a slap.

Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, the idea of taking two of his best friends on a trip to the mountains of California seems far-fetched. But, with Jason Liel and Will Fisher in tow, the crew headed out to celebrate all things with two wheels.

To start off a trip without some BMX would feel inherently wrong. And, deep in the bowels of Victorville, California, is a gem of an abandoned swimming pool surrounded by decrepit buildings of what looks like a resort long past it's prime.

After a few dozen buckets of stagnant water were bailed from the deep end, the crew kicked off the trip proper. Both Liel and Fisher had never ridden a backyard pool, so the rough, uneven transition was a bit hard for 'em to ride, but they soaked in the scene as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bezanson, of course, sent trick after trick into the deep end before heading off to his second love, the motocross track.

Drew Bezanson  Toyota

Drew Bezanson may have a ton of tricks on the BMX, but on a motocross bike he has one and one only.

A motocross rider turned BMXer, Bezanson has official crossover status.

Basically, he rips.

On a borrowed KTM 250, Bezanson took right to the track in Victorville. And really, there's a bit of a transformation in him when he's on a motocross bike. His smile gets bigger, his energy level is on overload, and he literally has to be pulled off the motorcycle.

Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't have to be good at this. That there's no pressure … no expectations. But it's something that the entire crew felt as the sun went behind the horizon and Bezanson was using the last flicker of light on the track.

Drew Bezanson  Toyota

The Earth is reclaiming these drainage pipes. Drew Bezanson gets a carve in.

Drew Bezanson  Toyota

Drew Bezanson gets a little wild on the drainage pipe with pal Will Fisher right next to him.

The next morning, we got back on the small bikes and headed for some run-down drainage pipes that BMX legend and all-around adventurer Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla had clued us in on.

With a few sketchy ditch-dwellers looking on, the squad took in the scene, gave the pipes a few carves, and decided to cut the session short and head for the hills.

We rounded out the day watching both Liel and Fisher get uncomfortable as they navigated (barely) through their first ever downhill mountain biking experience. The laughs got serious for just a moment as Liel caught some soft sand and went head first over the bars down a hillside … Fortunately, he was fine, but the session was a wrap and the crew moved on in search for a place to call home for the time being.

Setting up camp for the night in between a rock and a hard place in Lone Pine, California, the crew reflected on the last couple of days, the years that have past, and the path that has brought them all to this random spot in the middle of nowhere.

Drew Bezanson  Toyota

Campfire stories by Jason Liel are guaranteed for a good laugh.

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