On Friday, Eric Barone — the 56-year-old French mountain biking speed demon — set a new world record for the fastest time ever recorded on a mountain bike by reaching a blistering 141.498 miles per hour while traveling down a snowy ski slope in the French Alps:

As reported by Bike Radar, in successfully going over 140 mph, the man known as the Red Baron broke his own world record mark of 138.75 mph that he set on the same trail at the Vars ski resort back in 2015.

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Barone’s world record run was far from perfect. The Frenchman — who Bike Radar reports was once a stuntman for Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme — experienced some stability issues during his run.

And when traveling at more than 140 mph, the smallest amount of instability can lead to serious injuries, like it did in 2002 for Barone, when a crash during a world record attempt resulted in two torn shoulders, a broken femur and six broken ribs for the daredevil.

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But Barone emerged from his latest world record run unscathed, and per his Facebook posts, seems to be elated with his new record.

“A little more than 48 hours after my record, I wanted to thank you all,” a recent Facebook post by Barone — translated from French through Facebook — read. “Thank you to my family and my friends who have always supported me in my various projects.”