Danny MacAskill pulls off the world's first bump front flip

Danny MacAskill pulls off the world’s first bump front flip in his latest video, titled "Epecuén." Photo by Fred Murray courtesy of Red Bull

Once upon a time, Villa Epecuén in Argentina was a tourist village that accommodated up to 5,000 visitors at a time. Today, the village is uninhabited with the exception of one resident, Pablo Novak.

In November 1985, a rare weather pattern created a seiche, a standing wave in an enclosed body of water, and the wave broke open a nearby dam and then a dike protecting the town, creating a catastrophe the town never recovered from. Rising water reached 33 feet at its maximum.

Twenty-five years later, when the floodwaters had receded, Novak returned home to a place that was never rebuilt. He told Red Bull that he "can no longer see what this place has for us."

For most, the desolation seems final, and depressing. But Scottish street trials pro rider Danny MacAskill managed to bring the place to life in his latest riding video, titled "Epecuén." Red Bull released the Danny MacAskill video on YouTube on Wednesday, and it doesn't disappoint:

As you can see, MacAskill has created some incredible lines and performs several stunning stunts, including the world’s first "bump front flip" seen in the photo at the top.

MacAskill is known for achieving firsts in riding and choosing unique destinations.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 4.19.42 PM

Danny MacAskill performs at sunset in latest video, titled "Epecuén"; photo by Fred Murray courtesy of Red Bull

"Villa Epecuén has been a location that inspired me as soon as I saw photos of it on the Internet a couple of years ago and I started dreaming of the potential of the place," MacAskill said. "I just knew I had to go and make a film there. I wanted to be the first person to ride the incredible forgotten city once the waters started to recede."

Past projects by Danny MacAskill include "Way Back Home" and "Industrial Revolution," both worth checking out if you haven't already.

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