Cyclist Matt Brammeier (circled) is on a collision course with a support car in the Tour of Utah. Photo: Screen grab

Cyclist Matt Brammeier (circled) is on a collision course with a support car in the Tour of Utah.

A cyclist chasing the peloton down Guardsman's Pass in Stage 6 of the Tour of Utah on Saturday took a corner too fast and crashed into the side of a support car, causing a bit of a chain reaction.

While other cyclists slowed to take the sharp corner turn, Matt Brammeier was speeding down seemingly out of control and never got the chance to initiate a turn, t-boning the car. Two following riders subsequently took less-serious spills after running into a motorcycle of a race official. A look at the crash:

The 30-year-old Irish rider was taken to the hospital for treatment.

MTN-Qhubeka team doctor Jarrad van Zuydam issued this statement about Brammeier in a team press release, according to Cycling News:

"Thankfully, Matt has suffered no head, neck or spinal injuries and is currently stable in hospital. His musculoskeletal injuries are significant however. He suffered rib fractures on both sides as well as a small pneumothorax. He also has fractures of the sacral and pelvic bones.

"Matt is unlikely to require surgery but will need some time to recover from his injuries."

This wasn't the first time Brammeier was involved in a crash involving a moving vehicle. Cycling News reported that in 2007 he broke both legs when he crashed into a cement truck during a training ride.

American rider Joe Dombrowski won the Tour of Utah on Sunday, incidentally.

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