Check Out the Insane Trailer for the New MTB Film ‘North of Nightfall’

Taking freeride mountain biking to a whole new level.

Freeride mountain biking is pretty nuts in its own right; when you take it to one of the northernmost points in the world, where the temperature rarely rises above zero degrees and the nearest hospital is a 12-hour flight away, things get real.

Sending it. Photo: Blake-Jorgenson/ Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Media House has just released the trailer for their upcoming film, North of Nightfall, which pushes the limits of freeride mountain biking beyond anything we’ve seen before.

According to a press release from Red Bull, “North of Nightfall captures iconic freeride mountain bikers Darren Berrecloth and Cam Zink, riding alongside up-and-comers Carson Storch and Tom van Steenbergen, as they embark on an expedition to the top of the world.”

High up in the Arctic Circle, the riders and crew set up camp for a month, and pushed themselves to the limits of what is possible on a bike.

“The ability to film this level of riding at any hour of the day in a setting this spectacular is truly unique. We found ourselves in another world, disconnected, and able to focus fully on capturing the story in the moment. That special energy comes through both in the riding and on film,” Director Jeremy Grant told Red Bull Media House.

To ride the lines, you have to get to the top first. Photo: Blake Jorgenson/ Red Bull Content Pool

North of Nightfall is the third film in Red Bull Media House’s The Unrideables series, and is set to launch Spring 2018.

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