The PodRide looks vaguely like something out of Disney’s animated film Cars.

Swedish inventor Mikael Kjellman created the PodRide because he was tired of cold weather hampering his bicycling efforts.

The bike has a rounded design and is covered in waterproof fabric. It also has a windshield wiper, headlights and a motor that allows it to travel up to 15 mph.

It has four wheels for stability but is less than 2.5 feet wide, making it plausible to ride in a bike lane.

There is a trunk in the back for storage.


Riders enter the PodRide by lifting up the roof. Photo: Courtesy of Indiegogo

Kjellman said the PodRide is different than other velomobiles (bike-car hybrids) because it isn’t designed to shear off wind resistance.

Instead, he designed the bike for comfort and visibility. It is nearly 6 feet tall so it’s easy for drivers to spot.

His mission is to spread the word about velomobiles.

“I hope that by building and running practical, fun and good looking bicycle-cars like PodRide, we can get bicycle-cars to become a popular and mass-produced vehicle,” Kjellman wrote on his Indiegogo campaign.

PodRide 002

At 6 feet tall, the PodRide is easy for drivers to see. Photo: Courtesy of Indiegogo

Currently, Kjellman is raising funds to build more bikes although he admitted his inexperience may be a major risk for production.

“It is a complex product and most of the parts have to be specially manufactured,” he said.

Whether or not they’ll ever be available for purchase is still unclear.

“My job is to design and (purchase) machine parts but I have no experience in designing and purchasing textile parts. The price on the kit may turn out to be too expensive,” Kjellman said.

He has been riding his PodRide to work for the past year and is hoping to bring it to more people.

He estimates the bike will cost between $2,300 – $3,400 once mass-produced.

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