What could pair better with mountain biking than a good, cold beer? Nothing, which these six breweries and bars understand. Their proximity to some of the country’s greatest singletrack and ridgeline trails and their dedication to their local bike communities put them on the must-visit list for post-ride libations.

The Hub and Pisgah Tavern

Photo: Courtesy of The Hub and Pisgah Tavern

Like it says in the name, The Hub and Pisgah Tavern caters to those thirsty from a long, hard ride in Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina.

Few of life’s pleasures compete with a draft pint of the Bohemian Pilsner from local Brevard Brewing Company after biking Daniel Ridge and its surrounding trails.

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Wrecked your bike or want to pick up an extra tube? Pisgah Tavern is inside The Hub, and you can drink your beer right by the mechanics as they tune up your ride.

Oskar Blues Brewery

Photo: Courtesy of Oskar Blues Brewery

Ah, DuPont — or should we say one of the more famous mountain bike destinations in the country (if not the world). Its scenic waterfalls (Bridal Veil Falls is featured in “The Hunger Games”), deep woods and tons of trails make for a unique riding experience.

No other brewery understands that quite as well as Oskar Blues, which, right down the mountain, has REEB Ranch and is home to an extra-large flow track and pump track. Finish your ride in DuPont and head down to the brewery — or ranch — and sip a much-deserved Dale’s Pale Ale or Pinner Throwback IPA.

The Moab Brewery

It’s not the closest watering hole to the trails on this list, but you’ll be glad you held on for the extra half hour.

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Seriously, what could possibly go better with the world-famous Porcupine Rim ride than the fresh and light Porcupine Pilsner? We challenge you to find out.

Blackfoot River Brewing

It’s almost obscene how many awe-inspiring views and thrilling downhill rides there are near Helena, Montana. After riding along classic Mount Helena Ridgeline or bombing the 2,000-foot descent down iconic MacDonald Pass, finish your day at Blackfoot River Brewing.

Better than their microbrews (just barely) is the brewery’s dedication to its community. Blackfoot River Brewing regularly partners with and sponsors local organizations and events they feel have helped make Helena a special place to call home. Sit back with their Blue Collar ESP and know you earned it.

McCall Brewing Company

This hidden gem is hard to reveal, but it deserves a spot on this list. Complementing the more than 140 miles of Idaho’s backcountry-style mountain biking are eight unique brews made at this local watering hole.

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Enjoy the challenge and take in the alpine lake views on the 22-mile Kennally Lakes Loop or take it easy on the mellow-grade Rim Trail Loop. Then kick back with the Mackinaw Red or relate to the Wobbly Man Smoked Scotch Ale.

The Hub Trailside

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Don’t let New England fool you; it’s got plenty of fun and epic rides to keep any mountain biker entertained. Take Burke, Vermont, and its renowned Darling Hill Loop, which boasts picturesque forest and pastoral scenes that you’ll pass while bombing down such epic singletrack as Troll Stroll and Tap ‘n’ Die.

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Darling Hill Loop also has The Hub Trailside, which provides everything from excellent espresso on your way to the trailhead to the beer (or wine) you’ll enjoy after, all with a great area to sit back and view the ridgelines and valleys