Author, Outside contributing editor and cyclist Andrew Tilin tragically died in a traffic-related crash over the weekend. On Saturday, Tilin was changing a flat tire on his bike on Ranch to Market 620 near Marshall Ford Road in Austin, Texas when he was struck and killed by a truck.

According to KXAN, conditions were foggy and misty, which caused a passing Ford F-150 to hydroplane into the opposite lane, crashing into a Toyota Tundra and then slamming into Tilin.

Tilin, 52, was on a 50-mile group ride with about a dozen other cyclists when the incident occurred. A fellow rider who is a surgeon attempted to perform first aid, but to no avail.

“Andrew was one of those rare people who truly radiated joy for his work, for the values of the magazine, and for the people he loved — and there were many of them,” said Mark Bryant, who hired Tilin to work for Outside in 1991.

Being a regular contributor to Outside, Tilin also authored the book “The Doper Next Door,” which was an investigation into doping in the amateur cycling world in which Tilin himself was a guinea pig for his research.

Tilin was also an incredible cyclist and athlete. He grew up in San Francisco and attended the University of California at Berkeley. Hired by Outside in 1991, Tilin eventually became a senior editor of the magazine and helped create the Outside Buyer’s Guide before departing to focus on freelance work in the late 1990s.

Fellow former Outside editor and friend Gretchen Reynolds had some further insight into the uniqueness of Tilin:

“I firmly believe Andrew was the best athlete who ever worked at Outside, despite some formidable competition for that title. And of course he was a gracious editor and colleague. But as far as I'm concerned, Andrew's greatest talent was as a friend and family man.”

Tilin is survived by his partner, Shellie Thompson Oroshiba; two children, Isaac and Leila; his former wife, Madeleine Tamayo Tilin; and his sister, Tracy.

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