Hurricane Sandy has caused widespread flooding along much of the East Coast and, apparently, the storm has enabled sharks access to flooded city streets. The accompanying images, which are going viral, show what looks like a large shark patrolling a neighborhood street in Brigantine, New Jersey. The question is whether or not the images are real.

The images were posted to Kevin P. McCarty’s Facebook page, along with dozens of other images showing his flooded neighborhood.

“The photo is real,” McCarty states in the comment section of the first image, defending himself against critics accusing him of photo-shopping the shark into the image.

“This is a reality, sharks seek harbor in the safety corridors of streets during surges,” he states elsewhere in the thread, again in defense of his images.

The shark story was reported by WBTW in New Jersey, and by The Inquisitr, to name a couple. Combined, the images have been shared more than 15,000 times by Facebook users.

A sampling of comments on McCarty’s page:

–“I wanna believe that is real”

–“This is scary”

–“Can u imagine!!! Catch him. That’s dinner!”

–“Photo is a real photo but the shark in front of your house… not so much. lol”

McCarty maintains on his page that the images are real. But as of the time of this post he had not responded to a message asking to verify that this, in fact, is the case.

–Images are courtesy of Kevin P. McCarty

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