Well, that’s one way to get down the mountain …

Wingsuit pilots in Chamonix, France, skipped skis and snowboards in favor of a more unique approach to race the gondola.

Sam Hardy and Nathan Jones just published Another Day in the Office Tuesday to showcase one day in which they completed five different technical wingsuit lines that go down the French Alps.

The hard work was the result of three years of training. They practiced flying and filming together to get the footage just right for the YouTube clip.

The two BASE jumpers aren’t just doing it for the thrill. Instead, they’re raising awareness for the nonprofit Project BASE, which benefits the communities they visit along their travels.

Project Base

The two wingsuit pilots filmed five different lines in one day.

While pushing boundaries, they hope to also institute change and improve the lives of those less fortunate by donating all the proceeds to the communities they visit.

Outside of charity, they’re also giving spectators one hell of a shock.

The people inside the gondolas at the Chamonix ski resort must’ve been quite surprised to see two wingsuited pilots weaving in and out of trees and nearly brushing the snow.

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