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Garrett McNamara’s 78-foot wave in Portugal is a current surfing world record. Photo courtesy Billabong XXL

In 2012 Hawaiian Garrett McNamara was towed by Jet Ski in to a 78-foot-high wave ridden at Portugal’s Nazare. That wave went into the Guinness World Records as the biggest one ever ridden and still stands to this day. A few months after Garrett’s wave, another new world record was set for the biggest wave ever paddled into. Californian Shawn Dollar successfully rode a wave measured at 61 feet in height at Cortes Bank, a reef 100 miles west of San Diego. However, there are other surfing records out there that aren't quite as extreme and that, quite frankly, anyone could attempt and possibly nab. So if you’d like to write yourself into the surfing record books, here’s your chance.

Most people riding a single surfboard
This seems relatively achievable, assuming you can find a board 40 feet long and 4 feet thick. That's what the record 47 surfers rode at Snapper Rocks, Queensland, in May 2005, on a board specifically shaped by Nev Hyman for that purpose. Fittingly, Hyman was one of the surfers riding the world’s biggest party wave.

Most surfboards stacked on a car
Way back in 1998, a bunch of Californians stacked 282 surfboards on the roof of a Humvee in Santa Barbara and then drove the vehicle 100 feet. Sixteen years later, the record still stands. What are you waiting for?

Most surfers on a single wave
One hundred and twenty Australians hold the record for riding a single wave at the same time, dropping in at Anglesea in Victoria in 2012. All surfers had to have ridden the wave for at least five seconds. Another attempt in Australia, at Broulee in January, featured 280 surfers, but has yet to be certified by the bean counters at Guinness.

Longest surfing marathon
The Guinness Book of World Records states that the longest surfing marathon was achieved by Kurtis Loftus when he surfed continuously for 29 hours and 1 minute, at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, on October 26 to October 27, 2011. The 50-year-old raised money to fight breast cancer and surfed 313 waves during his time in the ocean, using the same board throughout. His effort surpassed that of Bill Laity, who managed a 26-hour session at Huntington Beach, California, in 2010.

Most dogs on a surfboard
During the 2012 Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition in California, 17 dogs crammed themselves on to a single longboard, setting the new world record for the most dogs on a surfboard at one time with a human.

surfing world record

Seventeen pooches and one human get ready to rumble for a surfing world record. Photo courtesy Loews Coronado Bay Resort, via Facebook

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