Ancient ruins are usually carefully guarded by security and roped off to tourists.

Not the case with the Cleopatra Pool in Pamukkale, Turkey, which was just wakeskated by Brian Grubb.

The video released by Red Bull shows Grubb effortlessly hitting fake pillars made to look like the existing ruins.

The pool is open to visitors during the day, although nobody has ever used them like this before.

Grubb was given special permission to use the pool before it opened.

wakeskating Turkey

Brian Grubb wakeskates the Cleopatra Pool in Turkey. Photo: Red Bull

The man-made pool houses ancient ruins from the seventh century, when Turkey was still a part of ancient Greece.

It's fed by natural hot springs, giving Grubb's wakeskate session an ethereal quality.

Grubb is no stranger to unique locales. In the past he's wakeskated ice caps in Cape Cod and rice paddies in the Philippines.

“I look at spots with water around them differently than most people," Grubb told Red Bull. "I’m always looking for new places to ride and a lot of times those are fountains and spillway drops. As wakeskaters we’re ideally trying to find natural spots that have drops or ledges so we can do skateboard-style tricks down them."

Wake skate

The water was pretty shallow, which proved difficult. Photo: Red Bull

The shallow water in the Cleopatra Pool proved difficult but Grubb pulled it off with the help of an electric winch.

“The pool was just big enough to get the speed to hit the rail and then stop on the other side," he told Red Bull. "We knew where the rocks and pillars were just under the surface, and once we got the rail in we had a pretty good line to ride with a deep landing!"

Representatives from Red Bull said they protected ancient artifacts in the pool.

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