Tourist attractions throughout China on Sunday were crowded with people celebrating the May Day holiday and that included a certain swinging bridge in the Meiling Lion Peak scenic area.

In fact, too many people apparently crowded onto the swinging bridge near Nanchang in the Jiangxi Province, causing one side to collapse and leaving more than 20 people scrambling to hold on for dear life, according to Shanghaiist.

The bridge hangs low to the ground and some swampy water, so if anyone had fallen they didn't have far to go. But most held on for dear life regardless.

According to China's Jiangxi network, the Akira bridge is limited to the amount of people who can walk on it at once, but due to the large number of visitors, the rope holding one side up loosened and came undone.

The Shanghaiist reported that some online commenters believe it was caused "by some idiot trying to make the bridge sway."

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Gao Jianwen of the Nanchang Meiling Tourism Development Co. also said in the video posted by the People's Daily that it could have been ill-advised behavior.

"Perhaps they all stood on one side, thus the bridge tilted," he said. "Some screws of the bridge fence were thus broken. We immediately closed the bridge and started maintenance.

"Fortunately nobody got hurt."

All the people were helped to solid ground. An investigation is underway to determine the cause.