Kyle Longmore (middle) poses with 580-pound swordfish; photo via Facebook

A 16-year-old Tasmanian angler has landed a 580-pound swordfish that his charter group believes is the largest swordfish ever caught by an amateur in Australian waters.

Regardless, Kyle Longmore’s grueling feat was one he won’t soon forget. An epic battle that required his total concentration played out over six hours in the broiling sun, during the weekend's Coles Bay Classic tournament.


Team Choonachasa poses with swordfish; photo by Leo Miller

"Kyle was very physically exhausted but you've got to concentrate extremely hard for six hours in the sun and only get a little bit to eat and drink as people feed it to you while you're fighting," Leo Miller, the skipper, told ABC News Australia.

"And these fish, they don't call them the gladiators of the ocean for nothing."

Swordfish are perhaps the world's most powerful game fish. Battles can be short, but many have lasted 10 or more hours, with the billfish eventually breaking the line and leaving the weary anglers defeated.

The swordfish caught by Longmore and Team Choonachasa jumped 23 times, and was so far in the distance after its initial run that the crew could not tell how large it was, until it was reeled closer to the boat.

A Team Choonachasa Facebook post mentions the media attention the team is receiving and congratulated Longmore–"An incredible effort for anyone let alone a 16 YO!"–and made an effort to appease “nay sayers” who might wonder why such a majestic billfish was killed.

“The fish will be eaten, it isn't old, they get a lot bigger, they are not rare, [and] they are sustainable,” the post states.

For the sake of comparison, the International Game Fish Association lists as the all-tackle world record an 1,182-pound swordfish caught off Chile in 1953.

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