It might come as news to some that Russian women love to surf, too. And if the accompanying footage is any indication, they aren’t afraid to experiment when it comes to style and the choice of apparel. But to surf while wearing high heels? The entertaining video is proof that this seemingly impossible task can be done–and done surprisingly well.

The footage is from a recent fun-themed competition at Kuta Beach, on the Indonesian island of Bali. The event was run by Surf Discovery, a school that specializes in exotic travel for Russian-speaking surfers. (There’s another competition scheduled for October.)

Reads a translated statement on the Surf Discovery website:

“We have specially developed the technique of learning to surf, adapted to the Russian-speaking consumer, aimed at improving the overall physical condition and the level of each student riding surfing.”

Presumably, the high heels are for advanced style-conscience surfers, only.