Roberta Mancino Wingsuit Jump BASE

Roberta Mancino is one of the world’s most respected wingsuit flyers. Photo: Roberta Mancino

Roberta Mancino, the 34-year-old Italian international model/GoPro athlete/world record holder/all-around badass, recently gave fans a peak into her nightlife with a new video, and it’s safe to say her idea of fun is a little more adrenaline-filled than the average person’s.

Wearing a glowing wingsuit, Mancino jumped out of a helicopter in the middle of the night and flew within arm’s reach of skyscrapers in downtown Panama City.

Mancino shared the video on her Facebook page, and said the experience made her feel superhuman.

“You know when you are little and you read the comic books or you watch the movies of Super Heroes, well if I can choose a super power it will be flying,” Mancino wrote Thursday. “I really felt like Superman at one point looking inside the building.”

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