Two scuba divers who were swept out to sea by a strong rip tide off the Colombian island of Malpelo kept their hopes alive by thinking about their families despite being circled by sharks and attacked by other sea creatures.

Jorge Morales and Dario Rodriguez of Colombia were among five recreational divers who became lost at sea on August 31, the Daily Mail and the Agence France-Presse reported Thursday. One diver was rescued the next day. Two others are still missing.

Morales and Rodriguez spent 48 hours adrift, tied together with special cords to prevent them from separating, until they heard the engine of a search plane. When the crew waved at them as they circled, the two scuba divers knew they were rescued. A navy rescue boat was dispatched to pick them up.

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Soon after separating from the others, Morales and Rodriguez were circled by sharks, but they weren't the biggest problem. Jellyfish proved far worse.

"They attacked us," Morales said Wednesday. "What pain. Very intense. I don't know how many jellyfish there were, but it was a very tough moment."

Morales said the first nightfall was the hardest and by the second day they were delirious and shivering from the cold, the sun baking their faces as they bobbed in the water.

"Thinking about our families kept our hope alive," he said.

Australian Peter Morse was the one who was rescued first. Colombians Erika Diaz and Carlos Jimenez remain missing. But since they were experienced divers, officials earlier this week were still hopeful of finding them with 120 rescuers working around the clock.

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