Rock climber Jamie McLevy came within inches of almost certain death.

Rock climber Jamie McLevy came within inches of almost certain death.

A rock climber came within inches of almost certain death after a hold peeled off in his hand, forcing him to lose his grip and sending him plunging 60 feet toward the ground as safety bolts he'd been roped into popped loose from the fragile rock.

Thankfully, Jamie McLevy came to a sudden stop in the nick of time when the rope tightened and the second metal spike held its position 10 feet up, according to the Daily Mail.

McLevy was climbing the Souter Sea Stack in North Berwick, Scotland, when the near tragedy occurred while he was being belayed by a friend.

“The whole route was major brittle and chossy [dangerous because of loose rock] due to a harsh winter,” McLevy told Rock and Ice magazine. “Numerous holds peeled on me on my way up, and the gear placements were major run out.”

“All of a sudden a hold pops off and down I go,” he told Daily Mail.

McLevy posted the dramatic video on YouTube:

McLevy explained to Rock and Ice what happened after the hold popped off: "Then I slip crash bang wholop down. The crack that I stuck the cams [safety bolts] in pulled the slab, which I put them in, right off, but the first nuts I put in takes the worst of the speed off my fall.

“[It] was a bit epic.”

The rock climber didn't escape completely unscathed. He suffered a fractured tibia in his right leg and a few cuts that required stitches.

“[It] could have been a lot worse,” McLevy told Rock and Ice.

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