Rescued-sky-blue-lobster- Photo Blue Reef Aquarium

Photo courtesy of Blue Reef Aquarium

The life of a rare sky blue lobster was spared when workers at the Viviers Fish Market in Portsmouth, U.K., discovered the odd-colored crustacean and called the Blue Reef Aquarium in nearby Southsea.

The aquarium was more than happy to commute the sentence of the discolored lobster, whose coloring is believed to come from a genetic defect that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a particular protein, according to the U.K. Daily Mirror.

“It’s not the biggest lobster in the world, but it’s definitely quite unusual," Lindsay Holloway of the aquarium told the Daily Mirror.

“The coloring is darker on the claws, but the main body of the lobster is a much lighter sky blue and underneath it’s virtually white.

“Despite its rarity it’s in excellent condition and, once it’s been given a thorough health check in quarantine, it will go on public display.”

And, apparently, it will be on display for a long time. It is said the European lobster can live for 40 years or more.