A newly uploaded YouTube video shows the terrifying POV perspective of a wingsuit crash in the French Alps.

BASE jumper Eric Dossantos, who is active military personnel, crashed into a tree at over 90 miles per hour, and miraculously survived the crash:

The video, uploaded Tuesday to Dossantos’ Youtube account, gives a firsthand perspective of what Dossantos was seeing on Sept. 29 in Chamonix, France, when he lost speed and altitude while proximity flying along a tree line and struck a tree top.

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As detailed by a GoFundMe account started by his friend — former pro skateboarder Mathias Ringstrom — Dossantos suffered multiple severe injuries and will face a long recovery.

“Eric flew through a tree going over 90 mph, he should have died, but for the [sic] lack of a better word, it's a MIRACLE he's still with us,” Ringstrom wrote in the description of the GoFundMe campaign he started Wednesday.

“His injuries were ‘only’ [a] left scapula fracture, left acromion fracture, left neck abrasion, left clavicle fracture, 3 left side rib fractures, left hemopneumothorax, liver laceration, head trauma [and] multiple scalp lacerations,” Ringstrom continued.

According to Ringstrom, while Dossantos is insured, his insurance won’t cover everything he needs for his recovery. Ringstrom is attempting to raise $7,500 to help Dossantos pay for — among other things — a hyperbaric chamber to help with Dossantos’ head trauma.

wingsuit crash

The view from Dossantos’ helmet camera a few moments before he struck the tree.

In a phone interview, Ringstrom told GrindTV that Dossantos is part of a tight knit BASE jumping and wingsuit flying community in San Diego and has been wingsuit flying for years.

"Wingsuit flying is a small community, just like skateboarding was in the early days,” Ringstrom told GrindTV. “And while it has grown a lot in the past few years, Eric was one of the guys who came and started jumping a bit before it really blew up. He was super determined and had a goal and a dream and did everything he could to get there."

Though Ringstrom notes that Dossantos is an experienced wingsuit flier, he made sure to point out that anyone can make a mistake, and when they do its normally fatal.

"BASE jumping is obviously a dangerous sport — I think we lost 17 people in August,” Ringstrom told GrindTV. “People in the community die like flies … I lost seven friends last year alone.”

wingsuit crash

The moment of impact.

“So the whole BASE jumping world is in shock that he survived this crash,” he continued. “To survive a wingsuit flying crash, during full flight, without deploying a parachute? Eric is only the second person to ever survive that type of crash.”

“To survive something like this is less than a one in a million chance,” Ringstrom told GrindTV. “It almost gives the rest of us BASE jumpers a glimmer of hope that we've got a chance if it happens to us."

Earlier this month, Dossantos — who Ringstrom described as “one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet” — took to his Facebook account to announce that he was working on healing from his crash and and to thank all his friends and family for expressing their concern:

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