Parallel parking world record

Han Yue somehow fits car between the two others without touching them; video screen grab

Ever pass up a good parking spot on the curb because it looks like too tight of a fit?

Well, please don't get any ideas after watching the accompanying footage, showing China's Han Yue setting a Guinness World Record for tightest parallel parking job in a car.

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The stunt driver managed to fit his MINI between the two others, without touching the others, leaving a gap of just 8 centimeters, or 3.15 inches.

That narrowly breaks a record set by England's Alastair Moffatt in 2013. Moffatt had left a gap of 8.6 centimeters (3.4 inches) and his record, at the time, was said by many to be unbeatable.

As viewers can see, Han set the record with a power drift into the gap between cars. The accomplishment was made during the China Drift Championship at Chongqing Olympic Park.

Han, a stunt driver, had also held the record (15 centimeters, or 5.91 inches) before Moffatt's record parking job in 2013.

He set the new record Friday, but Guinness World Records did not announce the feat until Tuesday.

Last Thursday, Han teamed with Zhang Shengjun to set a new record for most donuts (spins) around a car while driving on two wheels in a span of 1 minute.

Yes, there seems to be a record for just about everything.

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