In paragliding, 40 percent of accidents occur during the takeoff phase of flying due to improper launching techniques, according to the U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

An unidentified paraglider in Switzerland demonstrates what can happen when you have inadequate piloting skills, not to mention a few living obstacles on the grassy runway:

The paraglider appeared to be pushed sideways by the wind and onto a collision course with a cow.

"Watch out for that cow!" a bystander yells just a split-second before the paraglider slams into the cow, causing him to abort his takeoff and the cow to shift his eating position.

Rares Risti and his family were on a hike in the mountains of Ebenalp when the incident occurred.

"As he started running, I thought that it wasn't a very good place to attempt to takeoff from," Risti told Caters News. "I couldn't believe it, it almost happened in slow motion.

"It was absolutely hilarious. Everyone couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Thankfully both the guy and the cow were absolutely fine."

The paraglider would do well next time to follow these simple tips: launch directly into the wind, accelerate gradually, fully load the wing, get the wing centered overhead, and last but not least, avoid the cows.

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