Rare hybrid "geep" roams Paddy Murphy’s farm with momma sheep; screen grab from video

It's being called both a geep and a shoat, but whatever folks may call the newborn critter roaming Paddy Murphy's farm in Ireland, it's a very rare animal.

The cross between a goat and a sheep was born about two weeks ago, to the surprise of Murphy, a lifelong sheep farmer who had never seen anything like it.

"It had all the hallmarks of a goat," he told the Irish Farmers Journal. "I knew a goat had gotten in among a few of the [sheep, five months ago]. I didn't know what would turn out. They were all normal lambs apart from this fella. He looks like a goat, trapped in a lamb's body."

The Farmers Journal produced the accompanying video, titling it "Ewe gotta be kidding."

In the footage, the geep or shoat can be seen scurrying around with what looks to be momma sheep, a sheep dog keeping tabs on their movements.

"Oh, he's like a deer," Murphy says of the geep's surprising quickness and agility. "He's so fast it's unbelievable. He's so fast now, you have to get him into the pen to catch him. There's no chance you'll catch him otherwise."


Paddy Murphy displays newborn cross between a goat and a sheep, or a geep; screen grab from video

A BBC News story states that a spokeswoman for the Ulster Farmers Union said it was not aware of the existence of any other so-called geep in Northern Ireland. The UFU described its live birth as a very rare event.

Murphy, who also owns a pub, said the geep, which is sprouting horns, is a great source of amusement.

"He's an unusual character," Murphy said. "I've never seen anything like it before."

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