The participants gather at Nobby's Beach to place the 608 surfboards.

Participants gather at Nobby’s Beach to place the 608 surfboards that broke the world record. Photo: Courtesy of Surfest

A new Guinness World Record has been set for the longest continuous line of surfboards. More than 500 participants laid 608 surfboards tip to tail at Nobby's Beach in Newcastle, Australia. "We smashed the previous record of 398 boards, which was set in South Australia in 2013," the City of Newcastle's Jan Ross told GrindTV. The boards snaked an unbroken 1,265 yards in length.

Recently we looked at some other surfing world records that might be achievable, taking in everything from number of boards stacked on a car (282) to the most number of people on a single wave (280) and the most number of people on a surfboard (47). You can count them below if you don’t believe us.

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If those numbers seem a bit difficult, there a few other records that are screaming out to be broken. These include the longest wave surfed by a dog, held by Abbie the Australian Kelpie and standing at 30 yards. Or, if you want to play the long game, you could try to overtake Dale "The Daily Wavester" Webster's record for the most consecutive days spent surfing, which stands at a paltry 28 years—or more than 10,000 days. Less time-consuming, but no less difficult, is seven-time women's World Tour champion Layne Beachley's record for the fastest speed for a surfboard towed by a car, which was set in 2011 and is a measly 48.62 mph.

After all, they say records are meant to be broken. What are you waiting for?

Abbey, hard in training. Photo by

Abbie, hard in training. Photo: Courtesy of

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