The universal cry since the dawn of the 21st century has been: “Where’s my jet pack?” Now inventor and aerial stuntman Troy Hartman has taken matters into his own hands, and it looks like his impatience is paying off. The video above shows a soaringly successful “Phase 2” test of his homemade and appropriately named Personal Jetpack conducted at El Mirage Dry Lake in California.

The engines used in the Personal Jetpack were originally designed for use in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. They output 100,000 RPM and heat up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot of power to strap to your person. Hartman likens the energy output by the pack to a “bomb.”

“For someone to take this thing and put it on their back is ridiculous. It is crazy. I’ll admit that,” Hartman said in the video.

But he has a positive attitude about the dangers. “Taking on something like this would not be what it is if there was not that risk. If it were 100 percent safe, then, you’re going to Disneyland.”

Hartman’s “Phase 1” test was ski-bound, in which he raced up hills, reaching a top speed of 47 mph. Check it out below.

Photos and video via Troy Hartman