Man attaches jet engines to his ankles to power wingsuit

And it actually goes surprisingly well.

If you were to ask, “What’s one way to make wingsuits even crazier?” I’d respond by saying, “How about attaching two jet engines to your ankles?”

You’d probably agree that doing so would be one of the most ludicrous ways to make the inherently absurd act of wingsuiting that much more insane - but one man has decided to defy us and show that a jet-powered wingsuit can be a reality.

Jarno Cordia essentially became a real life Tony Stark by strapping jet engines to his ankles and flying his wingsuit. With over 5,000 skydives, 4,000 wingsuit jumps and 400 BASE jumps to his name, you could say Cordia is a bit of an expert.

The jet-powered wingsuit became a reality for 39-year-old Crodia after working hard on it since January with a group of friends. As he tells in the video, “It’s always been a dream of mine to fly a wingsuit with jet engines.”

I’d say that working hard at it and achieving the success he does in the video in only about 8 months of time is a pretty incredible feat. The 80-kilograms of thrust produced by the jet engines helped Cordia fly for nearly three minutes without losing altitude. In fact, he actually gained a few feet of altitude before deploying his parachute.

Whatever you think of wingsuits, you have to admit that flying one that’s powered by jet engines is that much more impressive. Who knows where Crodia and others will take it from here.

Jarno Cordia taking off from the hot air balloon.

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