Lioness attempts to attack tourists but leap falls way short

The Estrella Biopark was quick to report on Elsa’s condition.

As a vehicle carrying tourists made its way past a lion enclosure in the Serengeti Safari section of the Estrella Biopark in Montemorelos, Mexico, a lioness went into a crouching position as if stalking the visitors.

Then it decided to attack, which was a horrible idea by Elsa the lioness, as footage captured by tourist Jan Adrian Diaz proves:

The lioness obviously overestimated its leaping ability as it fell into the large moat that surrounds the enclosure and keeps tourists safe for instances such as these. Elsa wasn't even close to reaching the other side of the trench.

The male lion, meanwhile, remained lying in its position, no doubt unimpressed by the lioness' antics.

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A park spokesperson told El Manana Nacional that the lioness was uninjured, though it appeared to have a slight limp.

“The lioness is fine; [it has] been taken out of the trench and there is no broken bone," the spokesperson said.

Serengeti Safari is a nature reserve that allows exotic animals to live in "conditions of freedom" and enables close-up views of the animals, according to Excelsior. Fortunately the trench is big enough to contain any would-be attacking lions.

h/t 1 News Now