Lion joins motorists on bridge, jamming traffic

Budding king of beasts decides to take the easy route to its destination in South Africa's Kruger National Park, undoubtedly fraying the nerves of motorists

Lion joins motorists on bridge

Lion on a bridge in Kruger National Park; video screen grab

Visitors hoping to spot wildlife as they drove through South Africa’s Kruger National Park received an unexpected surprise when a lion decided to cross the bridge they were crossing.

Understandably, traffic ground to a halt and motorists paused nervously as the big cat sauntered along.

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The accompanying footage, posted to YouTube last week by BigGameHuntingBlog and on Thursday by Kruger National Park, shows the lion minding its own business while casting only an occasional glance at people inside their vehicles.

Stated BigGameHuntingBlog in its video description: "We were driving through the southern portion of Kruger National Park and observing a group of hippo in the river when we saw a bunch of activity of the bridge ahead of us.

"Thinking that it might be a pride of lion that was attracting all the attention, we drove up there to investigate. Sure enough, a young male lion was crossing the bridge and stopped all traffic in both directions."

This does not happen often in the sprawling wilderness park, but it’s not certainly unprecedented.

Presumably, this was simply the easiest route for a young lion who, being a budding king of beasts, did not seem to care in the least that he was causing a traffic snarl.

As viewers can see, motorists wisely kept their limbs inside their vehicles.

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